Joy Division " Ceremony" Commission

Joy Division " Ceremony" Commission

This commission piece was made as a birthday gift for a huge fan of Ian Curtis and the band Joy Division. The guitar featured is a miniature version of Ian Curtis' signature iconic Vox Phantom VI guitar. This guitar made famous for its appearance in the music video for Joy Division’s mammoth hit "Love Will Tear Us Apart", has incredible features and is instantly recogniseable.


Each music art piece is customiseable to your own favourite song or a favourite song of the person you wish to gift it to. You choose your favourite song, artist and instrument. Your song choice is represented by the music score of the song in the background. Your instrument choice is then designed, handcrafted and handpainted. You can opt to have a multitude of instruments according to your preferences! Lastly the name of your chosen song and artist is laser-engraved on a plaque placed below.


Each piece is made using digital software and laser-cutting technology. We use mixed media and materials in all of our pieces amongst which include birch plywood and acrylic.


We will discuss your options as soon as you get in touch with us and we will collaborate with you to produce the highest quality and most unique artpiece possible for you!